Ramakrishna School

Co-Cirricular Activities

To expose Hidden Talents, School conducts several Co-curricular and Extra Curricular Activities. To make all the pupil involve, Students are divided into four groups called as houses.


There are four houses, namely Gratitude, Honesty, Perfection and Truth symbolizing the colours blue, green, red and yellow respectively. Inter-house events foster a spirit of healthy competition and teamwork. Students achieve points that add to their overall house score culminating in the House Cup awarded to the one with the highest total.








These activities helps in building self-confidence and rid themselves of stage fear and develop the public speaking skills. Activities are broadly classified as :

Board management : 
Science, Maths, English. Panchangam boards are daily updated with new interesting topics.

Prayer Proceedings : 
Daily News, Thought for the Day, Moral Story of the day, bhadgawadgeeta sloka of the day.

Events :

 Drama, Dance, Songs., Playlets etc..,

Debate,Elocution, Story telling, prepared speech, Recitation etc.,

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