Ramakrishna School


School gives top most priority to Discipline among children as the entire life of the child revolves around Discipline. Good Discipline and Behaviour are always expected from children.

The school believes in a policy of self-discipline and corporal punishment is strictly forbidden. Positive reinforcement helps to raise the self-awareness of the child of his/her own rights and corresponding responsibilities. Students are expected to abide by the ethos of the school The core values of the RAMAKRISHNA ethos are Peace, Honesty, Respect, Time-management , Humility , Simplicity , Cooperation , Responsibility , Neatness , Tolerance and Happiness.

The school seeks the active support and cooperation of the parents in maintaining the high disciplinary standards that will ultimately benefit the child.

A prefect Senior student is known for his fellow feeling and integrity. He guides Juniors in upholding the values of Student life and he is supposed to be the Ambassador of the School.

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